“The science of liberating success from coincidence”

Associate Professor Raniga perceives surgery as a pursuit of perfection. 

He meticulously plans even the simplest surgical procedure in order to consistently liberate success from coincidence. 

This allows him to predict potential complications, and develop appropriate surgical strategies in anticipation. He consistently takes time to reflect on his own and the team’s performance to constantly evolve and achieve excellence by repetition.

Associate Professor Raniga’s world-class training allows him to offer his patients contemporary knowledge and technical expertise of the highest standard, with a patient centred approach. He specialises in both open and arthroscopic (keyhole) shoulder and elbow reconstruction and joint replacement surgery. 

Surgery is only required if all other non-surgical treatments haven’t produced the desired result. When required, he has the technical expertise to liberate you from pain and improve your function.

Before and After your Operation

Associate Professor Raniga will take time to educate you about your condition, its natural history, all possible avenues of non-operative treatment and why surgery may have a role in helping you. He will provide you with the latest evidence-based information to empower you, so that you can then make the best treatment decision for your unique problem in partnership. He will discuss the risks, benefits, details of the operation, potential complications, expected outcomes and post-operative rehabilitation with you in detail. That way you can make a fully informed treatment decision before proceeding with surgery.

We will be provide you with detailed information on how to prepare yourself for your operation. Some patients with significant medical issues may require a specialist Physician review prior to surgery to minimise general anaesthetic related complications at the time of surgery. Associate Professor Raniga will organise such a review for you if this is required. You will have the opportunity to contact our specialist Anaesthetist to ensure that your operation is safe and as comfortable as possible. We have a caring and meticulous team of professionals in theatre that work together to obtain the very best outcomes from surgery for our patients.

Once you have had your operation. It is then time to work in partnership with your Physiotherapist to achieve the very best outcome for you and your shoulder or elbow. Evidence clearly shows that compliance with post-operative physiotherapy improves pain, range of motion, strength and return to full function. We will all work together to get the very best result for you. To this end, you will also receive a detailed prescriptive post-surgery rehabilitation programme to help reach your goals.

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