Rotator cuff tears cause profound structural changes to the muscle that are irreversible. Once a torn rotator cuff muscle fills with fat, this pathological process cannot be reversed, and the rotator cuff becomes unrepairable. Associate Professor Raniga and his colleagues where the first to decrease rotator cuff muscle fat infiltration and degeneration after rotator cuff tears. This significant advancement may have a profound impact on patients with rotator cuff tears in the future. Preventing torn rotator cuff muscles from filling with fat will mean they won’t become unrepairable with time.

Associate Professor Raniga and his colleagues were awarded the Charles S. Neer Award by the American Shoulder and Elbow Society in 2016 for this work. This is the highest honour in shoulder research in the world.


Michael B. Kuenzler, Agnieszka Karol, Michael O. Schär, Michael Hottiger, Sumit Raniga, David Kenkel, Brigitte von Rechenberg,
Matthias A. Zumstein.

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